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Welcome to rescue organizations in colorado

Listing Type: Rescue

Most birds that we admit have injuries which can be attributed to accidental or intentional human interference. They have collided with cars, or flown into windows or power lines. They have been senselessly shot or poisoned. They have been taken from the nest and often have severe nutritional deficiencies. They arrive with injuries such as broken bones, concussions, and damage to eyes, ears, and feathers. The birds are often depressed and in pain, yet have an incredible will to live.

Address: 2290 South 104th Street Broomfield, Colorado 80020
Region: Broomfield
Listing Type: Rescue

We are registered as a charitable organization with the Secretary of State’s Office in Colorado. Many of the existing bird rescue organizations in Colorado and throughout the United States are unable to take in all of the birds that need to be re-homed. As a result, they are placing people and their bird(s) on waiting lists, which delays the journey of the bird(s) into a new home. Our main goal is to help alleviate a small part of this problem

Address: Colorado Parrot Rescue, Inc. P.O. Box 620636 Littleton, Colorado 80162-0636
Region: Littleton
Listing Type: Rescue

Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center provides compassionate care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild birds and mammals in Colorado for the purposes of release and education. Our vision is to reduce suffering for all animals, wild and in captivity, and to educate people so they may be responsible animal and environmental caretakers and stewards. Our wish is that no wild bird or small mammal in need of care will be turned away from EWRC.

Address: PO Box 75069 Colorado Springs, CO 80970
Phone No: 719-683-8152
Region: Colorado Springs
Listing Type: Rescue

Birds are very beautiful creation. They can be the best pet anyone wants. Our aim is to create a safe and friendly environment for the birds in our custody. We try to educate people about the different species of birds and the care they need.

Address: Feathered Family, PO Box 1133, Erie, Colorado 80516-1133
Region: Erie
Listing Type: Rescue

Greenwood’s mission is to rehabilitate sick, injured and orphaned wildlife for release into appropriate habitats. Greenwood also strives to educate the public, emphasizing humane solutions to human/wildlife interactions.

Phone No: 303-823-8455
Region: Longmont
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