Can Cats Have Spiritual Experiences?

Research suggests spiritual experiences originate deep within primitive areas of the human brain -- areas shar...
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Has Your Cat. . . Changed?

Cats are known for their consistent behavior, but seemingly without warning, their habits may change. A raveno...
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Pregnant Cat Care

Virginia-based veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson has three words of advice for cat owners thinking about breeding t...
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Fight Dog Cancer

To help other pet owners in similar situations, Quemuel has written The 42 Rules to Fight Dog Cancer and launc...
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Protect Your Dog From a Deadly Summer Virus

“Our pets become more active in the summer, and parvovirus can live longer in a warmer environment,&rdqu...
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Diabetes in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

“Diabetes is pretty common in middle-age dogs,” says Virginia-based emergency veterinarian Dr. Kat...
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